Flash back: When I met Robin Williams in Iraq

154189_10151283095474405_77460831_nDecember 2003 in Ballad, Iraq I was assigned at Camp Anaconda as a member of 1404th Transportation Company (PLS) Arizona Army National Guard.  Only four days after the capture of Saddam Hussian was captured outside of Tikrit, Iraq by members of 4th Infantry Division.  There was a rummer going around that Robin Williams was going to be doing a USO show on the base.  I had a down day and no assignments for me to do, so I went and looked around for information about the USO show I found the Hanger the show was going to take place I met with a CID (Criminal Investigations Division) soldier on duty working security for the venue, I joked with her that I had a idea for Robin Williams’ entrance on the stage.  Have the engineers cut a door into the bottom of the stage and have Robin Williams come up to the stage from the trap door like Saddam out of his spider hole.  She laughed about it but the engineers said no to the idea, but she told me if I guarded the side of the stage she would make sure I get a picture with him.  So I guarded the stage for awhile then a arm came around me from behind surprised me it was Robin Williams, I jumped and turned towards him.  He said “Opps I shouldn’t startle a soldier on guard duty.”  I replied I’m sorry I am a big fan”   Robin replied “Don’t look to big to me,  actually you can pass as my son.”   I quickly replied.  “Well Dad where’s my allowance”   We joked for about five minutes and was able to get a few pictures taken from others that gathered around the side of the stage, then Robin Williams went on stage to do a great show for the Airman and Soldiers.  Most don’t remember the Maxiim Model that also made a appearance and a Rusty Wallas’s brother another racer.   Also the Chairman of the Joint Chief,  General Meyers also came on stage.  Though Robin Williams is the one that stole the show.  338905_10151283095454405_1744229595_o